Religious Education Overview

Head of Subject: Mrs L. Colbourne

Humanities at Bewdley incorporates a broad spectrum of study. The recognised core of Geography, History and Religious Education are joined in the Upper School by Health and Social Care, Sociology and Psychology. This breadth and depth of study explores all aspects of human life and interaction, encouraging lively debate and thoughtful analysis and evaluation of our society, its cultural development and social norms and expectations.

Core humanities subjects are taught to all lower school students covering one sixth of the curriculum, whilst at GCSE and Advanced Level they are offered a wide range of choices. GCSE courses in Geography, History and Religious Education are joined by BTEC Health and Social Care as popular introduction to a crucial part of our social infrastructure. At Advanced Level many students study History and Geography, with a strong uptake in Advanced Level Psychology. Advanced BTEC Health and Social Care is offered as a single and a double course studied in large numbers as a gateway into the sector.

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