Textile Design Year 10 & 11

Year 10 Textile Design Course Modules

  • Edexcel: Year 10 GCSE Art & Design: Textile Design: Personal Portfolio

    The extended coursework project enables learners to develop personal textile work, working progressively with more confidence and independence from a given starting point or theme.

    The extended project begins with learners exploring the basic formal elements of art, followed by learning a wide range of textile techniques. They develop observational drawings based on a focus of their choice and produce detailed research into the work of their chosen artists or fashion designers in order to inform their ideas. Students experiment with a wide range of ideas and textile techniques. Students are encouraged to work in a more independent manner, developing personalised coursework, and making decisions about the selection and use of materials. Learners decide on a product for their final piece and they design and create an item of fashion of their own choice.

    Techniques and media learners may experience include:

    Appliqué, batik,  reverse applique, layered printing techniques, monoprinting, felt making, silk painting, couching, machine work, embroidery, bondaweb,  weaving, fashion design, mixed media, dying processes, Adobe Photoshop, sublimation printing as well as a variety of Fine Art media.

    The extended personal project equates to 60% of students overall GCSE marks.

Year 11 Textile Design Course Modules

  • Edexcel: Year 11 GCSE Art & Design: Textile Design: Personal Portfolio

    Between September and December students develop personal styles, focusing on design ideas and the creation of a fashion or textile art outcome. Students can choose the form of product that they wish to produce, often choosing to make dresses and other items of clothing, costumes, bags, hangings, quilts, cushions. Students will use visual communication sensitively and thoughtfully to document their artistic journey and produce their creative outcomes in a 10 hour ‘Trial’ Exam experience.

    This project makes up 60% of students overall GCSE Textile Design Mark

  • Edexcel: Year 11 GCSE Art & Design: Textile Design: Externally Set Assignment (ESA)

    The Externally Set Assignment (ESA) represents the culmination of the GCSE course as it draws together all the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in the Personal Portfolio project. Students must present personal responses to an externally set broad-based thematic starting point, set by Edexcel in the ESA paper which is released on 2nd  January each year. Students have to produce a preparatory portfolio covering contextual research, observational drawing and experimentation textile work and ideas culminating in the creation of final pieces during a 10-hour sustained focus period under examination conditions.

    This project makes up 40% of students overall GCSE Textile Design Mark

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