Head of English: Louise Savidge

English is the basis for the overwhelming majority of our communication, as a school, a community and throughout our country. It is also the primary language of much of the world. Our English Faculty teaches all of the nuances of communication from entry in year 7. A broad range of language and literature genres are studied and our students develop the skills of confident writers and speakers, with the capacity analyse text in depth and construct coherent and well-structured arguments.


Students study 4 of the 5 weekdays in the lower years and every day at GCSE. All students study English Language and English Literature at GCSE and we offer English Literature and English Language and Literature courses at Advanced Level. The school also uses Renaissance Learning’s ‘Accelerated Reader’ programme and is a ‘Master Project Manager’ school, currently one of only 17 schools in the country to receive this highest available recognition, for students’ excellent engagement with regular reading.

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