Governing Body

The Governing Body operates, collectively, in the best interests of pupils, rather than a collection of individuals lobbying on behalf of their constituencies. The task of the governing body is to govern the school, focusing on the core functions of providing strategic leadership, holding the headteacher to account and making sure that the school’s money is well spent. This is a demanding task for which all governors need to have, or develop, relevant and appropriate skills.


The Governing Body (GB) meets three times a term at 6.00pm for a full Governing Body meeting, which is normally completed within 2 hours. On the first and third meeting of the term, there is also a finance meeting. Prior to the middle GB meeting of the term there are link Governor meetings from 5pm to 6 pm. Every Governor belongs to one of 3 Link Governor groups. At Link meetings governors are able to focus on progress in the school development plan.

Papers are issued before meetings, which Governors can access through Governor Zone, on the school’s website. Governors are expected to attend or offer apologies for reasons of absence.
Additionally there is a Governor day at school each term which gives an opportunity for a longer meeting when governors can focus on matters such as analysis of results, plans for the future, and meet learners. These meetings last between a half and a full day.

All Governors take responsibility for focusing on a particular area of the school‘s governance such as Finance, Personal Development & Welfare, Special Educational Needs, Outcomes for Learners, Quality of Teaching, Safeguarding & LAC, Leadership & Management.

Governors are encouraged to attend school events and visit the school during the day so they may be more fully aware of how the school is addressing issues identified for development

Contacting the Governing Body

If you would like to contact the Governing Body of The Bewdley School, you can use any of the following methods.


Governing Body
The Bewdley School
Stourport Road
DY12 1BL

Additional responsibilities

Governors may also be involved in appointments, exclusion hearings, appeals etc.

Skills and Training

New Governors will have an induction programme consisting of meetings with the Headteacher and Chair of the Governing Body; agreed training using LA or online materials, and a mentor. All Governors are encouraged to use the training offered to improve their knowledge and skills.
New governors meet with their mentor 20 minutes before the governing body meeting to go through the agenda and have explained any issues which are not clear.

During the academic year of 2018/19 the governing body has been active within school on a number of matters, please read our 2018/19 Update to find out what has been discussed by the governing body. Governor Update 2018-19

Our Board of Governors

NameAppointing BodyTerm of OfficeLink ResponsibilityBusiness InterestAttendance 2019/20
Derek Haskins (Chair)PartnershipLeadership, Estate/Infrastructure (Budget, Site, ICT)None Declared
Sarah Booth (Vice Chair)PartnershipCulture Plan including Safeguarding, Well-Being
Plan, Community / Family Plan
None Declared
Keith CairnsParentCulture Plan including Safeguarding, Well-Being
Plan, Community / Family Plan
None Declared
Terry LiveseyParentLeadership, Estate/Infrastructure (Budget, Site, ICT)None Declared
Simon LordParentTeaching Plan Including SEND, Achievement Plan
(Curriculum Administration), Future Preparation
None Declared
Stephen RileyParentTeaching Plan Including SEND, Achievement Plan
(Curriculum Administration)
None Declared
Paul BeachamParentInfrastructure, FinanceNone Declared
Jillian SharplesCo-OptedLeadership, Estate/Infrastructure (Budget, Site, ICT)None Declared
Alison ShielsCo-Opted18/01/2018 - 17/01/2022Culture Plan including Safeguarding, Well-Being
Plan, Community/ Family Plan
None Declared
Helen SquireLocal Authority29/09/2017 - 28/09/2021Teaching Plan Including SEND, Achievement Plan
(Curriculum Administration), Future Preparation
None Declared
Dave Hadley-PryceStaff - Head Teacher03/01/2017 -Head TeacherNone Declared
Della RansomStaff25/09/2018 -None Declared
Marcia BennettClerkClerkNone Declared
Rich VauxParent02/12/2020 -None Declared
Ricki GoodeCo-Opted02/12/2020 -None Declared

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