The Discovery Society

The Discovery Society has been established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, to give students at The Bewdley School the opportunity to involve themselves in exploration and scientific research. These opportunities are above and beyond normal curriculum experience, giving students access to a range of organisations and opportunities.

These include the Duke of Edinburgh and Crest Awards, Operation Wallacea and a range of local partners, including the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark and our local Universities. This offers many opportunities including expeditions and science research experiments and talks, culminating in our Operation Wallacea expedition to the island of Dominica in July 2021.

The formal launch of the society which was officially established on 22 July 2019, the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, will coincide with science week in March 2020. Throughout the month we will also be launching our first Discovery Society Thursday Lecture Series, so watch out for posters and flyers and tickets which you can book on Eventbrite.

Join us in exploring our wonderful natural world and making sure we understand, care for and cherish it.

Throughout the Spring Term we are running a series of lectures, these lectures are free to attend and can be booked using the links below:

Spring Lectures – 

Geological Inspirations in Textile Art – Thursday 5 March 2020

To show how the geology of AMH Geopark can be used as inspiration for Textile Art: to produce painted and stitched panels, mixed media art boards and sampling sketchbooks. The textiles were created for displays at Bewdley Museum, Wyre Forest Visitor Centre and Severn Valley Country Park, as part of the annual Geofest programme of events.

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Living Ice (glacial microbial ecology) – Thursday 12 March 2020

In this lecture we will explore the life that lives on, in, under and out of glaciers. We will look at the challenges that organisms within these environments face; from the extreme cold and lack of nutrients and liquid water, to months of darkness followed by intense UV radiation. We will consider some of the mechanisms that these organisms use to not only survive, but thrive within these environments. With climate warming casting its shadow over these fragile, fast-changing frozen habitats, it is now more important than ever to understand their current state, so that we can predict how they might change, and what impact that might have in a warming world. Through looking at various research studies that Karen has led, we will get a sense of what it means to explore and work in these magnificent, yet vulnerable polar environments.

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Forensic Biology behind the scenes – Thursday 19 March 2020

Covering elements of “a day in the life of” as well as some case examples to demonstrate how biological evidence can be used to help the Crown Prosecution Service and the wider community.

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In the company of penguins – Thursday 2 April 2020

Marion Island is a small, remote island in the sub-Antarctic that is home to large numbers of penguins, albatrosses and other seabirds as well as fur seals and elephant seals. This talk will describe the island, its wildlife and some of the research I was involved with during my time on the island.

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