Head of Mathematics: Fiona Wilmott

Confidence in mathematics and handling numbers is key to success in so many other subject areas. Our highly skilled mathematics team are acutely aware of this, using a wide range of strategies to ensure that all possible approaches to grasping basic principles are offered to our students. Extensive online support is used to ensure that students can practise and refine their skills away from school, so that the focus in lessons is very much around individually tailored skills development.


Students study 4 of the 5 weekdays in the lower years and every day at GCSE. Many students enter the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Mathematics Challenge and there are many opportunities for talented mathematicians to develop and demonstrated their skills. Many students study Maths at Advanced Level with the more able studying Further Maths. For those who still need to develop their Maths skills in the Sixth Form but study other Advanced Level subjects, the Faculty also offers a nationally recognised Core Maths programme, which carries the university entrance points of an AS Level qualification.

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