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Ella F in Year 13, has raised £500 in 48 hours for charity. Ella decided to make handmade scrunchies using recycled clothing and sold them on her online shop. With the £500 she raised, she then visited her local supermarket and purchased enough food essentials to fill two large shopping trolleys, which she delivered to Kidderminster Food Bank.
It is fantastic to see our students even in these challenging times serving those in the community who need support.


On Friday 6th November I slept out to raise awareness and much needed funds for the charity ‘1625ip’. They are based in Bristol and they work in conjunction with the city council to provide much needed support for homeless people between the ages of 16-25.

When I returned from my experience, I was asked to prepare a presentation to the Sixth Form (my year group and the year above) to heighten the awareness that this is OUR age group. It’s people who haven’t had the good opportunities or reliable families such as ourselves. I wanted my peer group to realise that any one of us could be made homeless – you never know what the future may hold.

This illuminated sculpture is a representation of invisible homelessness – people who find a temporary solution by staying with family members or friends, living in squats or other insecure accommodation. Up to 62% of single homeless people are ‘hidden’ and may not show up in official figures.

91,500 young people in England alone in 2019 sought help for homelessness. In Bristol, ‘1625ip’ average financial donations of over £80,000 annually. This year they set their 2020 financial target at £21,000 due to furlough schemes or redundancies reducing people’s capacity to donate. With 953 donors a

phenomenal £27.9k was raised! This then enables the following to happen:

£4.50 – day rider ticket in Bristol, so young people can get places, classes, appointments and work.

£14 – Covid safe cooking class. 1 on 1, people need to be able to look after themselves and eat properly.

£21.80 – cost of an AQA award to be able to enable a young person to gain an exam qualification.

£25.62 – careers guidance session.

£56.92 – youth board meeting, giving them a voice and a vote.

£157 – supporting a young person through tenancy training course.

Written by Sylvia W Year 12


Bewdley Interact president Elizabeth T has written a letter of support on behalf of Bewdley Interact to Pheninah at Cornerstone School, Uganda, as she begins her final Primary School exams.

Pheninah, attended the Global Happiness Conference at The Bewdley School in November 2019, and now she is poised to gain a First Class in her Primary School exams and will go on to win a bursary for High School.

Bewdley Interact have pledge £100 for her mattress, trunk and school bag, as she will be moving 35 miles away from her family home to study. Pheninah has a dream, and she wants to be a doctor, and we want that for her too!


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