Option Blocks

Below are our Year 12 2019 Option Blocks. Students need to choose three Advanced Level subjects to study (a maximum of one from each block, 3 subjects in total) for their two years of study. In addition, we recommend that anyone taking a Science, including Psychology, but not taking A Level Maths to take Core Maths in addition to their other 3 subjects.

Example: One subject from Block K, one from Block L and another from Block N, students cannot pick two subjects from within the same block.

In January, we will also offer the Extended Project Qualification to students who wish to participate. This is the equivalent of half an A Level and is a project based on the student’s own choice and interests. Universities look upon this additional qualification with interest and it can lead to a better offers from universities.


Block JBlock KBlock LBlock MBlock N
FrenchGeographyArt/Art TextilesBiologyEnglish Literature
  Business Studies
  Music Tech
English Literature
& Language
  Computer Science
  Core Maths (AS Level)
  Film Studies
  Product Design
  Health and Social Care
  Further Maths (AS Level)

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