Outside the Classroom

The Bewdley Sixth Form council are the voice of Bewdley Sixth Form students and together we help to guide the exciting new direction the Sixth Form is headed in. This can be seen through the council’s consultation over the new canteen area, promotional video and new prospectus. In addition, we each take our role on the council very seriously; our council representatives provide support for other Year 12 and 13 students who require help with resolving problems relating to time management and folder organisation. During our final term our focus will shift to supporting each other through our summer examinations and organising our prom.

Opportunities at Bewdley Sixth Form are plentiful. At the start of Year 12 each student in September take part in a social induction to Top Barn, Worcester. Team based activities range from raft building, canoeing to archery and obstacle courses. Year 13 students also have the opportunity to apply for the Sixth Form Council. These selected individuals are then able to have a voice on behalf of all students. As well as the Sixth Form council opportunities, there are various trips available. This year history students embarked on a trip to Berlin to widen their knowledge on the current A Level History course. As well as Berlin, Geography have the opportunity to visit Aberystwyth, The University of Wales for a 3 day residential which explores various aspects of the current OCR specification especially concerning the Hazardous Earth topic.

At Bewdley Sixth Form we believe that the key to making good decisions about post-18 education lies in information and having access to as much of it as possible. We provide a variety of opportunities throughout Year 12 for students to explore all the options and then cater all further advice to each individual student.

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