Welcome to Bewdley Sixth Form. We believe that the purpose of this phase of education is a combination of the short term imperative of gaining excellent outcomes for entry into the most prestigious courses at the most competitive universities (or first class apprenticeships) alongside providing a rich variety of new experiences for students who are beginning to define themselves socially, politically and intellectually discovering their passions and interests which will shape and inspire their adult lives.

Welcome to Bewdley Sixth Form

The environment needed to encourage this includes access to the widest set of extra and super curricular experiences possible, combined with developing independence and leadership skills through tireless effort and serving our community here in the Sixth Form.  The opportunities on offer to our students are excellent including the Extended Project Qualification, Gold Duke of Edinburgh, Young Enterprise, Operation Wallacea expeditions, The Discovery Society, New York visit the school ski trip and many more.  I hope that our website and termly “Enrichment” magazine will give you more details of what these projects entail.

The overarching principle which guides our Sixth Form is ‘Learning for Life, Achievement for All’ and we have a dedicated team of highly experienced subject and pastoral staff who work collaboratively to deliver this. In addition, our Lead Teacher for Enrichment, Study Room Mentor and our Head of Student Support can provide expert advice and guidance on UCAS, Russell Group university application, Oxbridge, higher and degree apprenticeships and employment.

Our Sixth Form is entering an exciting phase of redevelopment and with investment of £70,000 to refurbish the Sixth Form block as well as creating a new Sixth Form Café.  Our students are, as ever, at the forefront of this change providing their voice on the Student Council shaping the future of our Sixth Form buildings and enrichment programme.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss our exciting changes and or to arrange a visit.

Jill Rickards – Head of Sixth Form
Sian Jones – Head of Year 12


Enrichment Magazine

We have recently launched of our new Sixth Form magazine ‘Enrichment’. The magazine celebrates all the fantastic news and events taking place in Bewdley Sixth Form and includes articles written by our students. It also contains news about the exciting developments taking place within our Sixth Form, to read our first edition click below.

Latest Edition:

Summer Edition 2022

Previous Editions:

Autumn Edition 2021

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Autumn Edition 2019

Summer Edition 2019

First Edition 2019


View our latest Blogs below:

  • Bea's Blog 

    I’m Bea and I’m currently studying Geography, Chemistry and Photography at Bewdley Sixth Form. I have a passion for both Geography and cooking. I’m really enjoying studying the combination of A levels that I chose at the start of the year, as they give me a chance to be both creative and to also learn about things that really interest me.

    Aside from my academic studies I have many hobbies, but my absolute passion is including cooking. My cooking is both creative and a challenge as … I’m vegan. I find it very interesting experimenting with recipes to reproduce my favourite meals but in vegan form (such as brownies!). This is the link to the brownie recipe that I love. Maybe you could send the 6th form team a photo of your successes with this recipe? www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/chocolate-recipes/vegan-chocolate-brownies

    I chose to stop eating meat when I was in Year 8 as I fancied a challenge! However, after a month or so I realised I found it easy, and so why not continue? To start with I missed having meat with Sunday roasts (especially lamb) and I also missed sausage rolls, but, even at 13 years old, I realised I much preferred knowing that I wasn’t harming animals for my own pleasure.

    Jumping forward to this year, thanks to my Geography lessons, I have become much more aware of how human consumption and waste is negatively affecting the planet, and I felt that I needed to change my lifestyle to help to protect the planet. biofriendlyplanet.com/nature/environment/50-ways-to-make-your-life-more-environmentally-friendly.

    My New Year’s resolution (a topic we also debated during Monday’s debate Monday form time) was to try and follow a vegan lifestyle and to reduce my waste where I could.  I now use metal reusable straws, avoid using cling film, try to eat local and seasonal veg, take my own bags shopping, use vegan & cruelty free makeup and take my own reusable bottles to an eco-friendly, vegan shop in Stourport to get my shampoo, body wash and washing up liquid.

  • My sixth Form experience - Charlotte's Story 

    Since leaving Bewdley Sixth Form in 2018 I have been studying History at the University of Birmingham where I am currently in my second year and loving my degree and university life. As part of my course, I chose to study the social history of America in the 1960s. I am also currently working on a research project into Student Movements from 1960 and I have written articles on various topics including Female Bodily Autonomy in 17th Century Italy. In addition to my studies, I am about to start a job with the university mentoring learners in a school in Birmingham and in my own time I volunteer as a leader for a local Brownies group. The Bewdley School gave me the skills and confidence to look for and undertake opportunities such as these.

    During my time at Bewdley, I studied History, English Literature and Language and Photography. When deciding where to go for Sixth Form, I felt discouraged from doing an Art subject as most Sixth Forms push you towards academics with a view to going to University, Bewdley however gave me the freedom to choose what I wanted to do. I came to Bewdley Sixth Form unsure of where I wanted to go after finishing my A Levels, therefore this freedom was so important. After choosing my subjects for A Level I quickly found the workload difficult, as I had initially started studying Textiles alongside my three other choices. The open door policy of the staff in the Sixth Form meant that I knew exactly where to go to voice these concerns. I chose to stop studying Textiles with the support of the staff in the Sixth Form. I had help researching the qualifications I would need to do the courses I was interested in which ranged from Fashion Photography to History! I was then able to make an informed choice on which subjects to continue doing. Without this support I know I would have struggled through subjects I found difficult and I wouldn’t have been able to do the course I am on now.

    Whist at Bewdley I also had many opportunities outside of studying. I was given the position of Student School Photographer for Year 12 where I photographed events such as the Christmas music showcase. I also had the opportunity for extra-curricular activities and trips. My memorable moments include attending history lectures in Birmingham, a visit to the Hive library in Worcester for English and a day at The Clothes Show for Photography.

    Bewdley Sixth Form taught me invaluable lessons about maintaining a balance between work, study and a social life. I chose to have a job alongside studying for my A Level and because of the small size of the Sixth Form, the staff knew I was doing this and were able to support me in making sure I used my time in school properly. As Sixth Form was the first experience I had of ‘free periods’ in school, learning to manage my own time was a difficult adjustment to make but I was taught techniques in order to do this.

    I am grateful for having attended the Bewdley Sixth Form. I was supported personally and academically to make the best choices for my future, and I was provided with so many opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. My sixth form experience means that I am now able to balance a life of socialising, working and volunteering whilst maintaining a 2:1 average at University. I am confident that these are habits I will keep as I work towards my goal of doing a Masters degree in history and eventually becoming a teacher.

  • Passionate, motivating and caring - My Time at Bewdley Sixth Form 

    I studied at Bewdley Sixth Form from 2015 to 2017. For the first year of ‘AS’ Levels I decided to study four subjects which were History, Geography, English and Physical Education. For my second year I decided pursue History, English Literature and Language as well as Physical Education.

    During my time at Bewdley Sixth Form I felt as though every member of staff was passionate, motivating and caring. There was always a focus on the students and the support that we needed. I felt that there was a different bond between students and staff when beginning sixth form at Bewdley; everyone was treated as an adult and with a great amount of respect. For me personally, the main aim of going to sixth form was to attend university at the end of the two years. However, there were many students who decided that university was not for them and immediately going into work was what they wanted to do. What was brilliant to see from the staff was the fact that they catered for both: students who wanted to go to university and students who wanted to go straight into work. I felt as though the teachers wanted to achieve our goals as much as the students did which motivated me massively. As I attended the high school at Bewdley, it was easy for me to feel comfortable when moving onto sixth form, as I was familiar with teachers and the school itself. There were a number of students who came from outside of Bewdley to join the sixth form and they were made to feel comfortable by everyone.

    There were numerous occasions where outside speakers came into talk to us about future opportunities which was exciting, giving us potential ideas of what we could do after sixth form. We also attended UCAS days at Worcester University where we were able to find out information about different universities and the courses they offered, which was extremely helpful. As well as this leadership days gave me a great opportunity to use skills in physical education, history lecture days in Birmingham gave a huge amount of help to students studying the subject, making it easier to write essays and understanding the context better. The amount of support both inside and outside of sixth form was fantastic for every subject.

    Personal statements are an extremely important aspect of sixth form and a step towards your journey to university and teachers are there to help you perfect them and are more than happy to do so. When receiving offers from your universities, some require an interview stage, something that I had to go through myself. Teachers will dedicate their own time to help you feel prepared and comfortable when in an interview situation. Reflecting on my journey through high school and sixth form at Bewdley I feel as there was a great focus of achieving the absolute best from every individual who attended the sixth form and I’m confident that everyone would agree with me. I feel very lucky to have been able to complete my studies at Bewdley; if I was able to change time and go back 2/3 years, I would do it all over again.

    When leaving Sixth form in 2017 my next journey was to study Adult Nursing at Liverpool John Moores. I chose to study at Liverpool due to the reputation of the nursing course and the city itself. Also, with so many hospitals in a close environment; job opportunities are always available for me. I am currently in my second year of my nursing degree and I am loving it! My three-year course consists of 50% practical assessment and 50% theory assessment; working in NHS ward settings such as haematology, oncology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, hospices, district nursing, sexual health clinics, operating theatres and A&E (the list goes on). My week consists of 37.5 hours in placement and 7.5 hours in university and it is an extremely busy course. I have taken part in aspects of nursing that has potentially saved someone’s life and made them well enough to leave hospital and continue recovery at home. Giving injections, packing wounds, giving CPR, giving medication, treating a patient’s mental health needs as well as physical health needs, filling in care plans, taking bloods and inserting catheters are just some of the things that we are expected to do as student nurses and practicing these skills in placement is preparing me for when I am fully qualified at the end of my three years.

    I am completely unsure on where I would like to work when I qualify, whether it be abroad or in Liverpool as there as so many different jobs that I would like to enter, and I look forward to developing my knowledge of nursing as I progress through the course.

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Rebecca's Story 

    I attended Bewdley Sixth Form from September 2015 until June 2017. I am now working towards a BEng Electrical and Electronic engineering degree at the University of Birmingham. At Bewdley Sixth Form I studied AS Chemistry as well as A level Maths, Physics and Geography. In my second year I was given the opportunity to complete the Extended Project Qualification. As I related my project to wind power, I was able to enhance my UCAS application by demonstrating my interest in Electrical Engineering. I was also able to further develop my research and report writing skills which have since assisted me in my degree.

    Whilst at Bewdley Sixth Form I was able to engage with multiple enrichment opportunities. I took part in the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award which, aside from being a lot of fun, allowed me to develop perseverance and team working skills, both of which have been essential during the group projects and the laboratory exercises I have undertaken as part of my degree. I was also supported to apply for and subsequently got a place in the New York Junior Academy of Sciences, through this I worked with team members from around the world to solve a renewable energy themed problem. I was able to use this to support my UCAS application and further develop my team working skills.

    After leaving Bewdley Sixth Form I began studying at the University of Birmingham. I was lucky enough to receive an unconditional offer which I accepted due to the strong reputation of the University and the Electrical engineering department. During the first year of my degree I attained an average of 74% (equating to a first class) and was ranked 5th in the cohort. I have also achieved the highest mark in my cohort on two (out of two) lab reports submitted this year (scoring 93% where the mean mark was 60% and 95% where the mean mark was 65%). Although I am currently working towards a Bachelors degree I plan to change course to complete an integrated Masters degree which will give me access to the quickest pathway to Chartered Engineer status.

    I have been fortunate enough to obtain a scholarship through the UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF). Three out of the four companies I applied to through this scheme offered me sponsorship (in 2017 only one in four applicants got any offers). Through this scheme my sponsoring company, Infineon Technologies, provide me with an annual £1000 bursary, a paid-for place at a residential UKESF Scholar Workshop, mentorship, as well as access to support from a UKESF buddy (a current Scholar further along in their degree course than me). I have also been given a paid placement year working for my sponsoring company, starting September 2019. This will allow me to gain valuable experience before I graduate, increasing the chance of me securing a job when I graduate.

    I am very glad I made the decision to study at Bewdley Sixth Form. I found the Sixth form to be a supportive and environment. The smaller size of the sixth form allowed the staff to provide more personal and dedicated support than would be found elsewhere. Furthermore, the skills I developed during my time at Bewdley Sixth Form have helped me succeed in my studies so far.

  • Travelling alone to Brazil at 16 - Student Exchange 2019 

    Star P in Year 12 at Bewdley Sixth Form has arrived safely in São Paulo Brazil, where she will be staying with her host family for the next 12 months. Star is on a once in a lifetime trip to Brazil thanks to the Bewdley Rotary Club.

    Star will remain in Brazil for the next 12 Months as part of the Bewdley Rotary Youth Exchange. Star will periodically be posting updates via the Sixth Form Blog, so we look forward to hearing what she has been up to.

    Students in Year 11 will soon have the opportunity to apply as the start of the next round of interviews for the 2020 Youth Exchange begin.

    Here is Star’s first Blog

  • Where I am now 

    I attended Bewdley Sixth Form from September 2013 until June 2015. The subjects I chose to study in my first year were AS English Literature, History, Psychology and Physical Education and in my second year, A level English Literature, History and Psychology. I was also offered the opportunity in my second year to complete the extended project qualification. The opportunity to study the Extended Project Qualification at Bewdley Sixth Form added an impressive enhancement to my UCAS application, as I was able to tailor the project to family law, demonstrating to prospective universities my dedication to a career in law.

    During my time at Bewdley Sixth Form I was able to engage in a variety of enrichment opportunities. There was a number of activities available to engage in with the PE department, which assisted me in gaining the appropriate experience I needed to achieve a successful grade in AS level PE. I was also very much involved in assisting with the Magistrates Mock Trials. Assisting with the mock trials’ competition provided me with experience relevant to the university course I had applied to. Participating in the enrichment opportunities offered by the sixth form enhanced my UCAS application and provided a release from the arduous studying of A levels.

    Upon my departure from sixth form I attended Aston University in Birmingham. I was fortunate enough to have received an unconditional offer from the university and chose to accept this offer due to the impressive reputation that the university’s business school had. I studied the LLB Law degree at the university for three years, studying over 15 areas of law. I completed the course in July 2018, graduating with a first-class degree.

    I am currently studying the Bar Professional Training Course at the University of Law in Birmingham. I am in the process of studying for my final exams in anticipation to be called to the Bar of England and Wales this year. One of the conditions that you have to satisfy to qualify as a barrister is that you must belong to an Inns of Court in London. You must complete 12 qualifying sessions at your chosen Inn of Court in London before you can be called to the bar. I usually finish my lectures in Birmingham in the mid afternoon then catch the train down to London for a 6pm qualifying session, to return home for midnight if I am luckily! I am fortunate enough to have been awarded from my chosen Inn of Court a scholarship for my Bar Professional Training Course, which has funded the course. I was awarded this scholarship based on my previous achievements during my undergraduate degree.

    I have recently in line with the pupillage gateway (which is like the barrister’s version of UCAS) been applying for a pupillage within a midlands barristers chambers. I am hoping to get a pupillage at a local chambers in Birmingham in the specific area of family law, however I am open to practise in different areas. Obtaining pupillage is an extremely competitive process. Last year there was approximately 14,516 applications submitted for just 224 pupillages’ in the UK!

    I am very fortunate to have attended Bewdley Sixth Form. I had originally chosen to undertake my studies at King Edwards Sixth Form College in Stourbridge, however after a few weeks I had determined that this Sixth Form was not for me. Bewdley Sixth Form provides students with a stable and supportive working environment, where members of staff are dedicated in getting to know their students to help them achieve their full potential. The support given to students in composing and refining UCAS statements is invaluable, ensuring students are presented to prospective universities in the most advantageous way. The sixth form helps to shape school children into well rounded adults by the end of their two years at sixth form, ensuring the students have the confidence and skills they need to succeed in whatever direction they choose to take. Bewdley Sixth Form supported me both personally and professionally and without the foundations I received by attending the sixth form, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    Abi Holden – Alumni

  • Sixth Form has genuinely been the most enjoyable time of my life so far 

    My time at Sixth Form has genuinely been the most enjoyable time of my life so far. Yes, I have my A Levels to concentrate on (English Language and Literature, Geography and Business Studies) but sixth form is about far more than academic A’ Levels. I’ve enjoyed researching and writing some ‘Debate Mondays’ which my whole year group debates during form time. The topics change weekly and have varied from: this house believes that time does not exist to this house believes that historical films should be historically accurate.

    I have really enjoyed my free time too. You are also given freedom as a sixth former and that includes the ability to sign out in your free periods. This allows you to go on that all important driving lesson, or to that urgent doctor’s appointment, or to just go home and sleep!

    In November, there was a trip to the University of Birmingham, which was my first experience of a university. Upon arrival we were guided by student ambassadors, who took us on a tour of the campus, (which is surprisingly like a suburb of Birmingham!) with its own shops, banks, places to eat, and even a travel agent! We had a model lecture at the university on the study of the evolution of birds, which was a useful introduction to how university lessons would be completely different as there were models of bird skulls to interact with.

    Then, at the end of March, the school minibus (with Mr Ward at the helm and Mr Nugent navigating) took us to Cardiff University’s undergraduate open day www.cardiff.ac.uk, www.cardiffmet.ac.uk. (If you follow our social media, you will have seen the pictures that we took of the campus and the city.) We made the most of the day, touring the campus and the city to find out what it would be like to spend 3 years of our lives studying here. There was also the opportunity to visit individual subject areas that we were interested in studying at undergraduate level. My belief is that you have got to visit the university before you form an opinion on it, and this open day trip did just that, and enabled me to compare it against the other universities I have visited: Birmingham University www.birmingham.ac.uk and Birmingham City University www.bcu.ac.uk .

    Last week, the whole of Year 12 visited the UCAS exhibition in Worcester, where a wide spectrum of universities and apprenticeship services from all over the country had gathered. There were additional seminars about student finance, student life, and what students should consider when choosing a university to study at, which we were all encouraged to attend.

    The sixth form staff also encourage students to apply for numerous taster course in their chosen field of study/work. Last month I went to Birmingham City University to understand how journalism is taught at university, something which I looked into further at the UCAS exhibition. While the University of Birmingham is a Russell Group university in Edgbaston, Birmingham City University is right in the heart of the city centre. This is beneficial for a journalism student, as BCU uses its location to send its journalism students out to find real-life stories, instead of simulated ones written within the university campus.

    I have just started writing for an Australian sports website called The Roar, where I write match reports and analysis, as well as other comments on the world of sport. You can find my articles here: https://www.theroar.com.au/author/joshua-kerr/. So far, I have written about England’s cricket tour of the West Indies, the Australian Grand Prix, and England’s 5-0 hammering of the Czech Republic in the Euro 2020 qualifiers. I have also had letters published in Autosport, F1 Racing, The Sunday Telegraph, and The Sunday Times.

    In February, I phoned in to BBC Hereford and Worcester as they were featuring a story about potential changes to GCSEs and A Levels and, at 7.40am on 11th February, I was live on air on Elliott and Toni at Breakfast. I am a regular contributor to the station www.bbc.co.uk/bbcherefordandworcester, so if you listen, you might hear my comments

    Josh K Year 12

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