What makes Bewdley Sixth Form Special

Choosing from a wide range of Sixth Forms can be daunting, so what are the key considerations?

It is easy for students to assume that successful GCSE results takes them only one step away from university, and that they have demonstrated all of the necessary independence and study skills to succeed at A Levels virtually unsupported. The reality is that the step up from GCSE to A Level is the biggest academic leap they will ever make. This is doubly so in the light of the new linear A Levels, and the level of support available in a Sixth Form setting is critical in ensuring success.

A Level courses are taught for 5 hours each week, and it is expected that students will spend a further 5 hours on each of their 3 A Levels. At 30 hours per week with enrichment activities layered on top, this equates to the time spent on a full-time job. The level of organisational skill and basic motivation to achieve this alone is beyond many Sixth Form students, so the level of support offered is crucial.

Whilst all Sixth Forms offer some pastoral and academic support, the most effective establishments link the two together and do so on a daily basis. Bewdley Sixth Form offers daily tutoring support with a programme of structured tutorials, to ensure that each student is individually coached and mentored. Beyond this, our supervised study room ensures that students develop the study habits they need to master their subjects. There is a basic expectation of daily study which earns our students agreed ‘freedoms’.

High standards of teaching across a comprehensive range of subjects ensures that students have everything they need to achieve their academic targets and meet their university or apprenticeship entry offers. However, it is the individual tutoring, supervised study and ongoing tracking and monitoring which ensure that they capitalise on this high-quality teaching and achieve their goals.

Many students ask why they should stay on in the Sixth Form; the obvious advantages for doing this include the continuity, in every sense including location, relationships with teachers, pastoral care and friends remaining the same.  Stability is considered to be good for developing self-confidence; teachers having a long-established insight into character and educational characteristics ensures less learning time is lost.  When we asked our students what is different about the Sixth Form the quote below is one that encapsulates life in Bewdley Sixth Form.

“It’s so different. When you are in Year 11, everyone tells you that the Sixth Form will be different and you think that means wearing your own clothes but for me the way lessons change when you are in small groups and the way you relate to the teachers make it really special and very different”

We offer all our students the EPQ Qualification, which is a qualification that makes our student stand out from the rest. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a Level 3 course which is taken alongside A-levels. Students are required to complete a project based on a research topic of their choice. It can be related to a subject outside of students current areas of study. The project can be in the form of an essay or report; or an artefact, musical composition or dramatic project (backed up with paperwork). An EPQ will help students develop a useful range of extra study skills, helping you prepare for the demands of university work. It is valued amongst Higher Education institutions as it demonstrates students dedication to independent learning. It also contributes towards entry requirements at some universities. Some universities will even lower their grade requirements.

Find out more about our EPQ Qualification: EPQ Qualification

The best way to find out is to come to meet our teachers and our devoted and professional Sixth Form team at our Open Evening. If you have any questions about our Sixth Form, please email Jill Rickards, Head of Sixth Form.

Jill Rickards – JRI@bewdley.worcs.sch.uk


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