Firstly, thank you for the huge support that parents gave to Head Teachers who campaigned for improved school funding at Westminster on Friday 28 September. Over 2000 head teachers attended in London with many more supporting their actions too.

It is clear from the emails that colleagues and Head Teachers received, that parents overwhelmingly support the need for much improved investment in our schools. As soon as we receive a reply from the chancellor, we will let parents know. We are sure everyone will watch with interest to see how he responds to our requests during the Autumn Statement (Budget) on Monday 29 October.

Following recent headlines, Headteachers across the country hope very much that the Government and the Department for Education, in particular, will stop providing parents and the wider public with misleading information about spending on schools. This week’s scathing letter (see link below) to the Department of Education from the UK Statistics Authority underlines all of the points that Worth Less? have repeatedly stated to parents over the past three years.

To see a full copy of the letter sent by Mr Hadley-Pryce Head Teacher Click Here