Year 9 is an important transition year from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4. To continue to support this transition we are holding our “options evening” on Thursday 29 November 2018. This evening will mark the beginning of the GCSE options process.

The briefing sessions will run at 6pm and 7pm in the main hall lasting approximately 30 minutes. Students and Parents should attend together on this evening. In addition to the main presentation students and parents will be able to speak to option subject specialists throughout the evening – before and or after the presentation. The 15 minute sessions in each subject area are invaluable in finding out about the content of the courses and what you will be learning. The evening will end at 8.00pm.

In addition to this, our careers advisor will be available in the library throughout the evening.

Please book your seats and time at the event using the online system, opening on the 16 November and closing on the 28 November at 9pm.

To book appointments please visit

A short user guide on how to add appointments can be found here. Parents’ Evening User Guide