Over the past 6 months we have been working to develop our app to provide parents/carers with the best possible solution. Over the last year we have received a lot of feedback from parents/carers about what they would like to see next in the app. As a result we are excited to announce in April Our School App will be changing to My Ed!

What can parents/carers look forward to?

• Information about their child – For the first time Parents/carers will be able to see their child’s timetable, attendance, absences, behaviour and awards all within the app
• Personalised calendar date for their child/ren – Instead receiving dates for every event that doesn’t apply to certain parents/carers, parents/carers can now pick and choose which dates they want to add to their calendar. Parents/Carers will no longer receive a notification every time a date is added to the calendar. For the first time Parents/Carers are in control of the information they want to see!
• Report student absence – At a push of a button within the app parent/carers can report a student off school or provide an explanation for any absences students have had
• Direct messages – No more texts and emails, communications all in one place. Free and easy to access
• Resource Bank – Full of helpful resources from GCSE revision advise, to ESafety guidance for parents/carers and students
• And all the features parents/carers previously liked, including:
Key Dates
New and improved Calendar
Latest News
Social Media
Online Payments
Extra Curricular Activities

Mr Whordley Network Manager said ‘Parents really engaged with Our Schools App and provided some really useful feedback on what they wanted to see next. We took those suggestions on board and have come back with our new and improved app. We are really excited to launch the new app and look forward to providing parents with key information about their children at their finger tips’