On Friday 10 May council dignitaries and members assembled in Bewdley for the Mayor of Bewdley’s inauguration and the swearing in of the towns Young Mayor.

Mr Baxter from The Bewdley School was present at the ceremony and said, “It was a great pleasure to be invited to the Mayor of Bewdley’s inauguration and witness the swearing in of the town’s Young Mayor, Elizabeth Thomas, and Deputy Young Mayors Storm Powell and Jacob Wilks. Thanks was given to the out-going Young Mayor, Star Powell, who has attended the past year’s meetings contributing a welcome perspective and expressing many of the views of young people in the town. It is a testimony to our local democracy that young people are involved so meaningfully. Elizabeth Thomas was elected by the student body of The Bewdley School and has many relevant opinions and ideas that she will bring to the Mayor’s and the school’s attention.”

Newly Elected Young Mayor of Bewdley Elizabeth Thomas said “My role as the Young Mayor of Bewdley is something entirely new for me and I’m so excited to embrace this new opportunity! This role for me is all about giving the young people of Bewdley a say in what goes on in our town. I have lived in Bewdley all my life and one change I have always wanted to see made is giving the young people a voice which is why it is so exciting that I can deliver it!

In my speech to get elected I said that I wanted to work with Transition Bewdley to help our town become plastic free and give out less carbon emissions. On Tuesday 14th May I attended their meeting and they asked me if I would start a group for the young people, which I would be delighted to do. I can’t wait to help make a difference in our amazing town and be the voice to action it all.”