This week we are excited to announce the launch of our new online digital planner Show My Homework to students. Show My Homework works across multiple platforms and works on any computer and mobile device, as well as a mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

Many parents and carers had commented previously that students do not use their planners effectively, that homework is either not recorded or that homework is poorly recorded. Parents and carers had also queried calls being made by teachers about incomplete homework, when the child’s planner has no work recorded. For these reasons we have opted to use Show my Homework.

Using Show My Homework, students, parents and carers will be able to track full details of any homework they may have, submission dates as well as see whether homework has indeed been handed in or not. We hope that this will ease communication between home and school and support parents/carers in establishing effective homework routines and homework completion with their children.

Students who do not have a computer within the family home also have the option to use our facilities after school to complete homework or to access their homework planner online. All students are able to log into computers at school and either print off details of their homework or record the work in an alternative manner, if this way of working is most appropriate for them. As a school we wish to ensure that students do all of their homework to maximise their progress and also to support parents in understanding and being able to track the work being done by their child/children.

Students access Show My Homework by using their school email address and password, how to guides can be found on our website along with a link to access Show My Homework

Next week we will be writing to and emailing all parents/carers with their unique login details to access their child/children’s homework to enable them to effectively support and monitor homework being set and completed by their child/children