As we welcome back students this week this is a brief update with some reminders. School returns for year 7 and year 12 transition on Wednesday 2 September and for the rest of the school on Thursday 3 September. Normal arrival and leaving times, with segregated waiting areas, will be:

Years 7/8 – 8:50 to  15:10 waiting Y7: Gym & Y8: Upper Playground [near B Block]
Year 9 – 8:55 to  15:15 waiting Y9: Tennis Courts
Years 10/11 – 9:00 to  15:20 waiting Y10: Upper Playground [towards the field] & Y11: Outdoor seating area near the ‘Pod’
Years 12/13 – 8:50 to  15:20 waiting Y12/13: sixth form cafeteria and block

Please note that Year 12 Students will be with their Form Tutors for Periods 1 & 2 on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 September.  Year 7 students will be with their Form Tutors for the day on Wednesday 2nd and the morning of Thursday 3 September. All other year groups will be with their Form Tutors for Periods 1 & 2 on Thursday 3 September only.

A list of Tutor locations can be found below:

Year 7:

7B – (Mr Mueller)
7R – (Mrs Lloyd)
7S – (Mrs Baptiste)
7W – (Mr Mudge)
7F – (Mrs Greswolde)
7V – (Mr Cooper)

Year 8:

8B – E1 (Miss Tobin)
8R – E3 (Mr Upson)
8S – E6 (Mr Ibbetson)
8W – E4 (Miss Haynes)
8F – E2 (Mr Houillon)
8V – E5 (Miss Schmidt)

Year 9:

9B – C10 (Miss Turner)
9R – C7 (Mrs Wilkes)
9S – C2 (Mr Pigford)
9W – C8 (Miss McAllister)
9F – C3 (Mr Birmingham)
9V – C5 (Miss Walker)

Year 10:

10B – A2 (Mr Hancock)
10R – A6 (Mrs Ransom)
10S – A3 (Miss Lord)
10W – A5 (Mrs Hayes)
10F – A8 (Mrs Sahota)
10V – A7 (Mr Willets)

Year 11:

11B – D2 (Mr Cameron)
11R – D3 (Mr Horton)
11S – D1 (Ms Blythe)
11W – D7 (Mrs Beech)
11F – D6 (Mrs Jones)
11V – D8 (Mr Beech)

A reminder that our Risk Assessments can be found here. The one change over the holidays is that we are asking students to bring in a face covering for lessons changes (unless they are exempt). We also have a welcome back presentation for all students which can be found here.

You may have heard that the government released new guidance last Friday for schools in the event of local lockdowns. This involves a 4 tier response, the principle challenge for schools being the tier 2 response to a rota system. As you know we have a split day arrangement in place as our back-up plan for reduced class sizes, but there is considerable doubt as to whether this will fit the governments tier 2 criteria. We will be consulting this week and hope to have clarification for you before the end of this week.

Finally, we are very much looking forward to having all of our lovely students back this week. Please be assured that we have robust and carefully thought out safety measures and procedures in place, and that the safety of the whole school community is driving all of our decision making.