Firstly, we would like to thank parents/carers for their ongoing support over the past year. Year 8 have managed to settle well since returning to school in March and are continuing to work hard during this summer term.

We are looking forward to Year 8 starting their creative taster options in September and timetables will be available closer to the end of term. These taster options are a great way to see if students likes that subject and also a time to consider whether they will continue with it as a final GCSE option into Year 10 and 11.

Parent/Carers will be glad to hear; our first online Year 8 Parents’ Consultation evening will take place on Wednesday 23 June from 4.15 – 6.30pm. This is with the exception of Mr Baxter and Mrs Curtis who will be available on the Tuesday 22nd June; also bookable via the Parents’ Evening System for those students who they teach.

This is an important evening and provides parents/carers with an opportunity to discuss their child’s progress at school, along with an opportunity to discuss further option choices at school. Due to the continuing pandemic appoints will take place online using a web cam / microphone rather than attending in person. This can be easily accessed using a mobile device, tablet or laptop. We will continue to use our online Parents Evening system, which now has a built-in meeting features which parent/carers will use on the evening to join the meeting with members of staff.

Mrs Evetts as Head of Year 8, will also be available if parent/carers have any concerns that they would like to discuss.

In certain circumstances it may not be possible to see every member of staff, due to large class sizes being taught by that teacher. To enable as many parents/carers to speak to the members of staff they wish, we ask that appointments are only made where parent/carers have concerns about a subject or their child wishes to continue studying into GCSE. For example: Drama and PE.

Parents can book appointments by visiting the following link – The Bewdley School Booking

Booking of appointments will be open from 5pm 11th June 2021 until 9pm 21st June 2021.

The process for making appointments can be found on this short user guide – Parents Evening Online Guide

There is also a short video that shows parent/carers how to book an appointment and also gives an idea of what to expect on Wednesday 23 June – How to book an appointment / attend an appointment

Should parents/carers wish to make any changes after this date, please contact the school office.

If parents/carers are unable to attend on the evening, please log on to the online system, click the appropriate date and click “Unable to attend.” This is most important as it will help the office staff save time, by not needing to contact parents/carers by phone.

We look forward to meeting everyone on this virtual evening.