We invite Parent/Carers to attend our Virtual Settling Evening on Monday 3 October 2022

Appointments will be available from 15:30-17:45. This will be an opportunity to meet with students form tutor to discuss how they are settling in.

Parents can book appointments by visiting the following link – Book an Appointment

Booking of appointments will be open from 5pm 23rd October and closing at 9pm on Sunday 2nd October. If you require any assistance or wish to make any changes after this date, please contact the school office

The process for making appointments can be found on this short user guide – Parents Evening Online Guide

There is also a short video that shows parent/carers how to book an appointment and also gives an idea of what to expect  – How to book an appointment / attend an appointment

If parents/carers are unable to attend on the evening, please log on to the online system, click the appropriate date and click “Unable to attend.” This is most important as it will help the office staff save time, by not needing to contact parents/carers by phone.

As this will be held remotely, each appointment will be via a video call and you will automatically be dialled into the system via your mobile telephone to the staff member. Staff will be unable to alter the pre-arranged appointment times. Each appointment is allocated a maximum of 5 minutes to ensure that all parents/carers receive a fair opportunity to review and discuss how their daughter/son has settled into Year 7. At the end of your allotted 5 minutes the computer will automatically move on to the next appointment and staff will have no control over this feature. If your appointment is likely to exceed this, or something comes up which you would like to discuss further, then you will have the opportunity to continue the contact via email/phone in the week following the Parents’ Evening. If you do not have access to the internet, please contact the school office who will be happy to pass on your availability. We recommend booking as soon as possible, as appointments will be allocated quickly.