French Year 7, 8, 9

Year 7 & 8 French Course Modules

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 7 C’est Perso!

    Module 1

    Talking about yourself and others. Understanding adjectival agreement and present tense verbs

    Using verbs such as AVOIR and ETRE, practising role plays and asking questions in the target language

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 7 Mon collège

    Module 2

    Describing my school and subjects using preferences. Saying what you like and dislike and saying when you have lessons.

    Explaining why you like a teacher and what you have in your pencil case and bag.

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 7 Mes passetemps

    Module 3

    Describing what you like to do in your free time. Understanding other people’s preferences (he/she/they)

    Using connectives to extend sentences and understanding longer texts and authentic texts.

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 7 Ma zone

    Module 4

    Talking about where you live and what you can do there. Saying what is in your house and why you like it. Extending sentences to include different people and using third person plural form.

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 7 3,2,1 Partez!

    Module 5

    Discussing holidays (using we and the Conditional tense) Saying where you usually go on holiday and why you like it. Say what you do and listen to others alk about their holidays in detail

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 7 Studio découverte

    Module 6

    Writing a poem and describing a picture in preparation for the Speaking and Writing exam. Revision of the year with all skills

Year 9 French Course Modules

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 9 Paris!

    Module 1

    Visit to Paris

    on peut + Infin (vert)

    Opinion + Infin (vert)

    What you did in Paris using perfect tense (rouge / vert)

    Past opinions (rouge) adjectives

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 9 Tu es connecté ! You are connected!

    Module 2

    TV programmes

    er verbs in full paradigm



    using technology

    extended sentences using ‘on’

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 9 Mi identité

    Module 3

    Music, agreeing and disagreeing

    Clothing, near future

    last weekend, using the Past tense

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 9 Qui suis-je? -Who am I ?

    Key Stage 4 Options

    Students begin the Key Stage 4 course after they have made the decision to continue with languages.

    Module 4

    Revising family and describing people

    Talking about Family relationships, making arrangements to go out, describing a night out, describing your life when you were younger, talking about a role model.

    Using reflexive verbs in the present tense, irregulars. The future tense and the Past tenses in Perfect and Imperfect are also revisited in this unit.

  • Edexcel 1FR0: Year 9 Le temps des loisirs –My free time

    Module 5

    Sport and music, Technology, film and TV, How do we watch films today, how has this changed?

    Using ‘depuis’, the comparative, direct object pronouns, the imperfect tense and using superlatives

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