Head of Science: Graham Lowrie

The term ‘Science’ covers a broad spectrum of studies which use observational and descriptive skills to explore the world, coupled with theoretical and mathematical deduction to explain these observations. Theoretical constructs are tested by experiment, and theories discarded if they are inconsistent with observed reality. This philosophy and methodology is taught through all ‘Natural Sciences’ at Bewdley in our new specialist Science building.


All students study Science up to the age of 16, through specialist Biology, Chemistry and Physics teaching. This comprises one tenth of the curriculum in the lower school and one fifth at GCSE, where all students follow the Combined Science 2 GCSE programme. They can also elect to take additional science, which ensures that they cover the material required for separate GCSEs in the 3 Sciences mentioned. Many students take Advanced Level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with the school planning to offer Geology at Advanced Level to meet future demand.

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