Every Sixth Form Student in the country takes Level 3 courses; either Advanced Levels or BTECs. The factor that differentiates students who obtain offers from the most competitive universities are the other interests that they have, which we might loosely call enrichment. It is therefore a basic expectation at Bewdley Sixth Form that all students engage in some kind of enrichment, ideally something that is purposeful in building up their skills and competences, and meaningful in terms of their future aspirations.   The range of opportunities available to our students is vast.

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We have recently launched of our new Sixth Form magazine ‘Enrichment’. The magazine celebrates all the fantastic news and events taking place in Bewdley Sixth Form and includes articles written by our students. It also contains news about the exciting developments taking place within our Sixth Form, to read our first edition click below.

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40 Students from Year’s 10 through to Year 13 visited Berlin from Thursday 14 February to Sunday 17 February. Students got the unique opportunity to submerse themselves in the history of Berlin and understand some of the horror that took place. Students visited the site of the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust memorial, a war prison, Checkpoint Charlie and  a concentration camp where students reflected on the harrowing events that took place all those years ago under the Nazi regime.

Berlin is a beautiful and powerful city; the capital of Germany. Located in the north east of Germany and straddling the banks of the River Spree, it stands firm as a monument of European history. It is not surprising that Travel Republic rates it in the top 5 city breaks for 2019. (However, we were there as Historians).

Studying History at A-level gives you a whole new perspective on the city when you are there. A tourist, without the knowledge gleaned from a History course, would experience the city for its art and its new culture, (which are undeniably rich and beautiful). However, for us, having learnt about the dark past that Berlin and the surrounding area was subject to, our adventure around Berlin was taken much more tentatively, as though every pave stone was sacred, every street still solemn.

Checkpoint Charlie (the infamous border crossing from

communist East Germany to the democratic West), The Berlin Wall (markings and segments remaining) and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, were the landmarks I was privileged to walk amongst. Our History A-level, at Bewdley Sixth Form, offers the opportunity for you to walk in the shadows of the past.

The trip itself seriously helps with contextualising the course, in terms of understanding. My knowledge has certainly improved due to the increased evidence in my essays.

Ultimately, the trip to Berlin, gave me so much more and I am thankful for having gone; it enriched my knowledge of the course content and gave me an unforgettable experience. Just…don’t ask me about the Stasi prison.

Written by Rupert Hill


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